Wonder Oven Cooking: Part 1

For years the readers of my blog and many who have attended classes I've taught on preparedness and Wonder Oven cooking have requested I offer a video series on the subject. This video is in answer to their request and my own desire to teach! A Wonder Oven, (a type of thermal cooker) is a vital component in conserving fuel while cooking without electricity. Very few have been taught about these insulation tools and most who I meet are absolutely amazed to discover how they work.

This video begins with an introduction of myself and what's driven me to test hundreds of 100% food storage recipes in coming up with a collection of recipes that "work". This recipe testing experience completely changed my perspective as to the importance of Wonder Ovens in a preparedness cooking plan. I'll introduce the viewer to what a Wonder Oven is and demonstrate step by step how to use one to make delicious homemade bread using a minimal amount of cooking fuel. Finally, I'll share a couple of my favorite everyday uses for this "wonder"-ful tool!

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